Ultrean Airfryer use rapid air heating technology that heats and cooks the food well. Unlike deep frying, the process cooks the food with no or less grease and oil, storing more its natural taste and nutrients.

If you desire crispier food or fries, you may add a little oil on the food before putting them in the pan. DO NOT put the oil or any liquid directly on the basket or the pan while cooking.

Read the user manual particularly the instructions on ‘Using the appliance’ The temperature and the time can be adjusted. Turn on the device, it will show the DEFAULT setting- 350 F and 15 mins, make sure to set the time and the temperature to change this. Check the setting section as your guide for cooking temperature and time.

Please note that the quality of the food e.g., meat, vegetable or dough as well as the weight and quantity affects the outcome of airfried food. If the quantity/ weight is more, then it may take longer to cook. We suggest you check, shake or turn over the ingredients halfway so the food will be evenly cooked. Just put it back in the pan and add 5 or 10 more minutes until you get your desired result. Less or lighter food requires less time.

White smoke coming out could happen due to the following reasons: Oil or grease from the food (it is normal for greasier food),any food residue that is left on the pan or basket. Please see the “Troubleshooting” section of the user manual for more details.

Check if the plug is connected to a working power outlet. Press the ON switch

Please make sure to use soft sponge and soak the pan in water for stubborn dirt. Do not use metal brush and soak in the liquid for a long time (just enough to soften the dirt or residue)

Make sure to push the bowl/pan in until its fully locked in.

NOTE: Always observe safety precaution while operating the airfryer. Use heat-resistant gloves.

Place the product on an even and stable surface. Make sure not to keep the product away from children or any combustible and sensitive materials that could be damaged by heat.

Be extra wary of the hot steam coming out from the air outlet. Make sure not to touch or cover it during operation.

Note that the surface could get very hot too. Wait for the at least 20 secs or until the fan stops before you pull out the basket after cooking. We recommend that you wait for the device to cool down before washing the pan or the basket.